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Galerie d’affiches sur la certification de l’AIIC

Get inspired! Creative ideas from nurses across Canada

Registered nurses from across Canada have been demonstrating their creative side by customizing the CNA certification poster to make it their own. This gallery displays some of their imaginative ideas to get you inspired!

Transmise par:
Amy Quinn, Education Event Planner
Learning & Development and Telemedicine Programs, Royal Ottawa Health Care Group
Novembre 2014

Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

Transmise par:
Lori Sookaram, RN, BN
Clinical Educator in Mental Health @ the Victoria General Hospital in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Victoria General Hospital, Octobre 2014

Transmise par:
Lynne Moulton, RN, BScN, GNC(c)
Alberta Gerontological Nurses Association (AGNA)
Octobre 2014

Woodstock Hospital Poster
Transmise par:
Janice Keokebakker, RN, BH ScN, CPN(C), RNFA
Charge Nurse and Educator Perioperative Services
Woodstock Hospital
Woodstock, ON
Octobre 2013

London Health

Transmise par:
Jean Morrow RN M ScN(C) CNCC(C) (Gerontology)
Educator Critical & Neurosurgical Care
London Health Sciences Centre – University Campus
Mars 2013

AGNA Poster

Transmise par:
Bernadette Baer, RN, GNC(C) (Gerontology)
Alberta Gerontological Nursing Assiciation (AGNA) – Edmonton Chapter
Novembre 2011

AGNA Study Group Information

Transmise par:
Bernadette Baer, RN, GNC(C) (Gerontology)
Alberta Gerontological Nursing Assiciation (AGNA) – Edmonton Chapter
Septembre 2011

Critical Care Poster

Transmise par:
Carolyn Dol, RN, CNCC(C)
Staff Nurse, CVICU
Toronto General Hospital
Septembre 2011

Poster 1

Transmise par:
Joan Peddle, inf. aut., BN, ET
Infirmiere-ressource/coordonnatrice de l’admission
Reseau de sante Horizon
Driscoll extra-mural
Le 7 janvier 2010

Gerontology Poster

Transmise par:
Lillian Hung, inf. aut., BN, MA (Gerontologie)
Infirmiere clinicienne enseignante
CareLife Fleetwood
Le 7 janvier 2010

AGNA Information Session

Transmise par:
Mollie Cole
Alberta Gerontological Nursing Association (AGNA) – Chapitre de Calgary
Le 30 septembre 2009

E-mail us a copy of your poster in PDF format! We will include it in our collection and share it with your colleagues across Canada. To create a PDF file, go to the File menu, select Print, then select Adobe PDF. If you can’t create a PDF file, then mail us the MS Word file on CD or send it via FTP. Contact certification for details.

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